An update from The Black Company.

COVID-19 Policy

Message from us on the COVID-19 situation.

Hello our dearest customer,

If you have been wondering about the delivery times and the impact our business have had due to the recent events with the outspread of Covid-19 virus. We can tell you that we have been partially impacted, but most of our products are still within the 7-day delivery window. We are trying our best to deliver the product to your door the safest way possible, we appreciate the patience on this matter and truly hope to have your understanding. These have been difficult times for all businesses, including ours. Nevertheless, we are working hard to improve on our delivery times and if you remain with us, we will be posting regular updates on our website, sending you regular updates by e-mail and we will include the tracking for your order. We hope that it will not change your decisions to be the best version of yourself with the black premium style.

We wish you all the best and thank you for staying with us,

Stay safe,

The Black Company.